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La Casa 14 Gauge Stainless Steel Spokes
$0.99 - $24.99

Add an extra dose of style to your wheels with a pack of La Casa's colorful 14 Gauge Stainless Steel spokes. • Comes in pack of 50 spokes [more]

La Casa Crank Arm Sprocket Bolt

La Casa's Crank Arm Sprocket Bolt keeps your sprocket nice, snug, and ready to rip. [more]

La Casa Master Link

La Casa's Master Link includes a safety clip to ensure a secure fit. No chain tool required to disassemble chain. [more]

La Casa Offset Link (for Half-Link Chain)

La Casa's Offset Link for half-link chains makes it easy to get the proper chain length on today's super short dropouts. Works on most 1/2-inch x 1/8-inch chains. • Sold individually [more]

La Casa Rim Strip

La Casa's Rim Strip protects your bike tube from sharp spots on your rim. This rim strip comes in black and is re-usable. [more]

La Casa Sprocket Collar

La Casa's Sprocket Collars (hat washers) fit 15/16-inch center bore sprockets and reduce the diameter to properly fit a 19mm or 22mm crank spindle. [more]

La Casa Crank Arm Pinch Bolts

La Casa's Crank Arm Pinch Bolts replace your old bolts. They come as a pair and in various sizes. [more]

La Casa Large Head Stem Bolts

La Casa's Large Head Stem Bolts replace the original bolts on your stem. Each pack comes with 6 bolts. [more]

La Casa Seatpost Clamp Bolt

Las Casa's Seatpost Clamp Bolt is a replacement bolt for an integrated seat clamp. Sold as singles. [more]

La Casa Step Headset Spacer

La Casa's Step Headset Spacer allows you to easily adjust the stack height of your stem from 10mm all the way up to 15mm! Made from high-impact plastic, this spacer keeps it nice and light. [more]

La Casa Chain Breaker

Simple and straightforward, if you need to break a chain, La Casa has you covered with their Chain Breaker. [more]

La Casa Crank Bolts M8 x 1.00mm

La Casa's Crank M8 Bolts are 8mm in diameter with 1.00mm pitch threads. They come as a pair and fit many crank arms. [more]

La Casa Crank Bolts M8 x 1.00mm w/teeth

La Casa's Crank M8 Bolts are 8mm in diameter with 1.00mm pitch threads, and they have micro teeth for a little extra bite once tightened. Match up your old crank bolts and get back to riding. [more]

La Casa Hollow Stem Bolts

La Casa's Hollow Stem Bolts are hollow for weight savings and colored zinc for superior corrosion resistance. Each pack comes with 6 bolts. [more]

La Casa Top Cap

La Casa's Top Cap will fit any fork from S&M, Fit, or anything else running a 10 x 1.25mm thread. CNC machined hollow aluminum keeps it light and strong with an anodized black finish. • Uses a 5mm Allen key [more]

La Casa Ultra-wide BMX Tube (20-inch)

With larger and wider tires becoming more popular, it only makes sense to have the correct size tube. La Casa's Ultra-Wide BMX Tube is for tires 20 x 1.95-2.45 inches wide. [more]

16 Results