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Bike Fitting

Find Your Perfect Fit.


We strongly encourage everyone to get
a bike fit before you purchase a bike.
Riding a bike that is the right fit for you will ensure comfort, power, and enjoyment for
your cycling experience - whether you are a casual rider or a competitive racer!

The way bicycles fit vary greatly from model to model, and from brand to brand. For example, some bikes fit "long and low" and some are "short and tall" and everything
inbetween. Your goal is to find the bike that
best matches your morphology.

You may have your heart set on a particular 
model... but do you know if it's the right choice
for you? Whether you are looking to purchase a bike that fits you perfectly, or want to dial in your current bike fit, our specialists can help

Book an appointment today!

We are F.I.S.T certified and equipped with a GURU DFU - The most sophisticated and effective fitting machine in the world. 

Todd Jones and Dane Stennes have attended bike fitting clinics from Dan Empfield of, and Michael Sylvester from the Trek Fitting Program.  We use our combined knowledge and skills, often collaborating during fittings. Over the last few years we have seen a major spike in our fitting bookings and are developing a strong repuatation as a bike fit destination.


Go to GURU's website to check out some testimonials, including a couple of our customers!

Our focus is matching individuals' bodies to their bikes, in the most effective balance between comfort and performance. We recognize that everyone varies in their flexibility levels, physical limitations, history of injuries, and riding focus.

"As professional bike fitters, our commitment is to address each person with an open ear and heart to determine their personal fit needs" - Michael Sylvester