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Haro started with BMX and now makes great bikes for all!

Haro's first product was a BMX number plate!
How It Started
Haro has been a recognized name in the BMX world since 1977 when they first began making number plates and accessories. In fact, Bob Haro started making number plates free of charge for BMX racers initially. These plates became so popular that he had to start charging for them. And his number plate sales soon led to Haro mouth guards and visors paving the way for an important product niche in the BMX community. This specialty company would soon be known as Haro Designs.

The Man Behind The Company
Bob Haro was born in 1958 in Pasadena, California. He excelled at motocross racing in his teenage years and brought home over fifty trophies. Eventually the motorcycles were put aside, which gave Bob an opportunity to try his hand at BMX. Bob discovered the fun of BMX riding on skateboard ramps in Stockton, California. And he turned skateboard tricks into BMX tricks and slowly a new type of cycling took shape.

He then put together the first freestyle team and designed and manufactured the first freestyle BMX bike. And today, Bob Haro is known as the inventor of BMX trick riding or freestyling.

Click to enlarge! The Rebel Company
Haro hit a milestone in 1982 when they produced the first ever freestyle BMX frame and fork: The Haro Freestyler (click image to enlarge). This rebellious, independent mentality that forged both a new bicycle and a new style of riding continues today at the Haro headquarters in Vista, California. And as the company will tell you, "There’s nothing wrong with demanding something different. In the spirit of a true rebel, don’t settle for the boring norm. Demand more."

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